Steel works

We are specialized in industrial steel buildings, as you can see in the list of previous works.

We own the equipment to perform the works in Romania, but we can also work outside of our country, and we can send complete teams of workers.

Recently, we started a company in Netherlands, from the desire to expand our activity, because we see Netherlands as an entry to the grand European market.

Most of our candidates have their Certificates attested by the Ministry of Education.

Team of workers that include:

  • Naval Architect & Design (Fabrication and mounting)
  • Piping & Mechanical Engineer (Fabrication and mounting)
  • Electrical & Automation Engineer
  • Piping foreman (Fabrication and mounting)
  • Mechanical foreman (Fabrication and mounting)
  • Steel Building & Mounting foreman
  • Steel outfitting foreman
  • Pipe & mechanical fitter (Fabrication and mounting)
  • Pipe welder (steel pipe, stainless steel, CUNIFe, Cooper)
  • Steel building
  • Steel outfitting
  • Electrical & Automatically Steel outfitting welder
  • Welders authorized GL, BV, DNV, Lloyd Register, ABS

Ship building and repairs

We are a Romanian company specialized in building and repairing ships.

We can also provide professional teams able to perform works onboard the vessels at sea or in port/shipyard.

Civil construction

We recently entered a new area of construction, civil construction.

For this we hired experienced and specialised workers:

  • construction engineers
  • master builder
  • carpenter
  • mason
  • painter


Quality work in the the short time frame required

Ioan Vandra, CEO at Termar Prod Com SRL