GARDEJ VJ nv - Belgia Zeebrugge

  • Welding, assembly, and construction works for the Tideway Rollingstone project

SC Termar Prod Com SRL – as subcontractor.

  1. Biodiesel Factory in Slobozia - Manufacture of superstructure
    • biodiesel factory (platforms, ladders, poles)
    • fire equipment piping (water)
    • ventilation piping
    • tanks
    • Thermal insulation of the tanks
    • Piping in systems, modules and units of raw material supply of the reservoirs
    • Manufacture of pipe steam boiler 100t CR.
    • Boiler convective piping
    • Boiler super-heater piping
    • Boiler economizer piping
    • Manufacture of boiler ventilation pipe CR 100 T.
    • Steam heating systems
    • Manufacture of boiler supplies steam CR 100 T.
    • Ecologizing with boiler gas and smoke CR 100 T = 3 pieces
  2. Manufacture of superstructure of the cheese factory Urziceni 180 t
  3. Cheese factory Buzau 200 t
  4. Superstructure of farms, poles and ladders for the chicken abattoir Nuntasi 300 t
    • Rooms for chicken raising Nuntasi 600 t
    • Improvement and modernization of the space/room for the chicken raising Amzacea 60 t


  • Modernization of the station for the neutralization of the sewage

SC Frial SA Constanta

  1. 100t tank dome replacement
    • Tank fire control system.
    • Heating steam system for cargo tanks park
    • superstructure of building with thermal power plant and park with reservoirs.
    • Assembly of thermal power plant and system of heating piping with steam heating with cargo tanks.
    • Fire system foam for park with tanks
    • Modernization of pumping station supply with merchandise of the tanks’ park
    • Modernization of the state pumping sea water cooling system to store cold products.

Oil Factory of Constanta

  • Structure for steam boiler hall 100 t.
  • Mounting of steam boiler and its installments 100 t
  • Modernized of steam installments system.

SC United Shipping Agency SRL

  1. Making and mounting structure for:
    • Grain unloading ramp CF
    • Ramp car for unloading grain
    • Conveyor band
    • Grain Dryer
    • Conveyor support structure Viaducts
    • grill for unloading cargo (grain)
    • Truck scales (platforms)
    • Bunker with scales
    • Bunker for uploading with squeegee and elevators
    • Ship-loader (port of loading with conveyors and elevators)
    • Handling of departure conveyors
    • Installation of fire fighting with water.
    • Installation of air-operated scales and dust control system
    • Installation of belt conveyors removal and installation of cargo cells ventilation
    • Portal for loading ships with grain (102 t)

Minmetal SA

  • Manufacture and assembly of ventilation systems for grain cells

MSC Romania

  • M/V Vanessa, M/V Alyssa : Piping repairs, boiler insulation, masonry, etc.

Eforie Town Hall

  • Replacement of thermal power plants, chimney smoke and piping
  • Replacement of thermal power plant at school, Town Hall, "Carmen Sylva" high-school, kindergarten, nursery in Eforie Sud

Mano & Cam SRL - partner Interagro SA

  • Conveyors band
  • Scaffold with conveyors for loading grain.
  • band action system of and scaffold.
  • We changed the grain scales on the "Anghel Saligny" silos. The old scales were over 100 years old and were a masterpiece of that time. It was a difficult job because we had to adapt the new technology to the old installation. The old grain scales will be exposed in a museum.

United Shipping Agency

  • Repaired and redesigned barge caps

Private individual

  • Manufactured rudder and propeller protection for recreational boat


Quality work in the the short time frame required

Ioan Vandra, CEO at Termar Prod Com SRL