About us

The company was founded in 2006 in Constanta, Romania, following an association of skilled engineers.

The main object of our activity is industrial steel construction, and we accomplished works like construction of grain storage cells and all the auxiliary equipments and installations, industrial buildings, various installations for industrial systems, ship repair, house constructions, house restorations, and other type of works that we successfully completed for our clients.

SC Murcos Term SRL is the daughter company of the MNS Company BV founded in Netherlands. Under the same young and energetic management, with the same professional team, we can provide complete teams of workers for performing works in the above mentioned sectors of activity.

We are proud to mention that we were part of the construction of one of the biggest, most important and modern granary from South–Eastern Europe, for which we built grain storage cells, bunkers, grain unloading ramp, installation of air-operated scales and dust control system, conveyor belts, etc.